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Conforti Family Farm is a family-run farm consisting of 50 acres located in South Beaver Twp, outside of Darlington, PA in Beaver County. The farm was purchased by Ralph and Ida Conforti in 1962. While Ralph was growing up, his dream was to own a farm and he had achieved that dream! Currently the 3rd generation is working beside the 2nd generation, with the next generation close behind. Our farm has been going through quite a transformation the past three years! After not working the farm for 30 plus years, in 2015 we started a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation. The CSA was started to breathe life back into the farm and to keep the dream of our Patriarch alive. The goal for our farm is to be self sustaining as well as provide fresh, natural, non-gmo products from our farm to your table! Join our taste-ation revolution today and help keep the dream alive!

About Conforti Family Farm

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