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Our Farming Practices

Our family farm takes pride in using time tested farming practices. We are a non-spray, natural, non-certified organic farm. We use companion planting and employ rotational planting for pest management. We believe that healthy soil creates healthy plants keeping bugs and disease at bay. So, we use compost and vermiculture to provide the necessary soil boosters to keep our soil healthy!

For our animals, we strive to provide the best on farm life we can. We pasture raise our animals to allow them to enjoy green grass, bugs, and sunshine! We make sure our animals always have access to fresh water. Our animals are never given antibiotics and are fed non-GMO grains. We believe that spending extra time and providing the best environment for our animals until they are harvested increases the quality of meat. Once you try our products, you will see the farm-fresh difference too!

Planting lettuce side-by-side with radishes is a practice of companion planting.

Our birds are pastured, so that they acquire the highest level of nutrition possible from hunting for bugs and foraging for weeds.

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